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[IP] Re: SCUBA Diving and 'bends'

Sorry about the technical mumbo jumbo I must have forgotten that I was posting
to a diabetes/pumpers group and not a divers group,  DUH.

Anyway Decompression Sickness, commonly referred to as the bends most often
effects SCUBA divers who either spend too much time at depth or ascend too
rapidly from depth.  Bubbles form in the blood stream and work their way to
small capillaries where they block the blood supply from the tissues
surrounding the blockage.  When the cells no longer receive oxygen they begin
to die, depending where the blockage is it can cause severe pain in the joints
or as in my case neurological damage.  The bends are treated by putting the
patient inside a hyperbaric chamber where they are pressurized and breathe
pure oxygen.  The pressure helps reduce the size of the bubbles in the blood
stream and the oxygen helps purge the nitrogen (which is what the bubbles are)
from the system.

OH BOY, I hope I haven't complicated things and confused anyone.

Maybe I should just say if you don't SCUBA dive you probably won't get the

If there are any more questions I can answer them off-group (private e-mail)
as this is probably a little off topic for the group.

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