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We use splenda on all kinds of things! 

"Splenda Toast " (cinnamon-sugar toast, but with Splenda instead of sugar) is 
very popular as a snack with my kids.  We also use it on sliced strawberries 
. . . 

In both of these cases, as well as on cereal, it was always a guess on how 
much sugar was actually being eaten in a serving -- so using Splenda makes 
the carb counting easier as well as reducing total carbs & calories.  

Recently, we found a website that sells about a zillion flavors of syrup all 
sweetened with Splenda that we use to make carb free shave ice (like a snow 
cone only much better) and Italian sodas . . . Here's the link for anyone 
who's interested:   <A HREF="http://www.naturesflavors.com/">

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