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[IP] Disetronic waterproof & legal issues & notification

Actually, even us "warranty" users have not all gotten letters about the 
waterproof issue.  I would not know about it if it were not for this list.  I 
got my pump in August, 2000, and I have yet to receive any sort of 
notification about this problem.  As far as I'm concerned, my warranty would 
still be valid if I used it in water, which I'm too afraid to do at this 
point,  because it is Disetronic's responsibility to notify the consumer. (of 
course, not being a lawyer I don't know if this is legally so. Plus, I do 
know about it.)  I am supposed to get a D-tron on the Power of Choice 
program, so hopefully my summer pool & pump issues will be resolved soon.  
(if they ever get their act together - I was promised one by Thanksgiving, 
then Jan, now they're not sure when, but that's a whole other issue)  I have 
been very happy with the results of pumping, and I overall think the H-tron 
is a good, reliable pump,  but I am going to have HUGE problems this summer 
if some sort of fix on this waterproof problem is not made. (at least a 
waterproof case for crying out loud!)    I, however, have not been too 
impressed with the organization (or should I say disorganization) of 
Disetronic.  If this waterproof issue is because Disetronic is so concerned 
about our health, you would think they could at least get notification 
letters out to its consumers.
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