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[IP] Animas pumpers out there?

In a message dated 4/15/2001 1:22:59 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> We are using the Animas Pump, I 
>  noticed they do not sponsor this site along with D-Tron and Minimed,  is 
>  there a reason for this?   Is there anyone else out there on the Animas?

We're waiting for insurance approval for an Animas pump for my daughter at 
the moment.  There are quite a number of Animas pumpers on this list, but 
it's still a small proportion of total pumpers since it's only been about a 
year since the Animas pump got FDA approval, and Disetronic & MiniMed have 
been doing pumps in the USA for a MUCH longer period of time.  

As far as the site sponsorship, I've wondered what's up with that for a 
couple of weeks . . . For a long time, all three companies were listed on the 
IP web site, then for a couple weeks just MiniMed was listed, and now I see 
both MiniMed & Disetronic are listed . . . . Maybe it's just sponsorship 
renewal time and they're pulling the sponsorship listing until each company 
renews???    Michael????

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