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Re: [IP] Disetronic Waterproof Issue: Legal Opinions?

Someone said: (sorry, attribution was lost)
>> Does everyone know that the woman who started this whole thing actually
>> dropped her pump, which created the crack to allow the water in?????
--On Sunday, April 15, 2001 1:46 AM -0300 Darrin Parker <email @ redacted> 
> pump housing.  Also the issue is not whether housings incur fractures or
> not - all do on all machines with use - the issue is: why the system did
> not go into stop mode as it is programed to?

I agree with Darrin. I have certainly dropped my pump an untold number of 
times. A device that is attached to the body by a thin line and is worn 24 
hours a day (while changing clothes, using the restroom, and even while 
bathing and showering) is going to get dropped -and the pump should be 
designed with that in mind.   I don't put ANY blame on someone who dropped 
theirs and subsequently had a runaway pump - it just shouldn't happen.

Betsy, age 34, Type 1 27 years, Disetronic 6 yrs, on third pregnancy with
pump and due in June.
email @ redacted
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