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Re: [IP] Hi Thanks For The Support


  This is Sylvia again (mom to Joshua!)  Anyway, the new MM Quick sets are 
what we are going to start using all of the time now (son is on the 
Disetronics H-Tron pump)  We have been using the MM sof-sets for the past 6 
months.  These go in at a 90 degree angle versus the 15-40 degree angle of 
the Sils.  And the beauty of these(sof-sets) are that they come with an 
insertion device that makes life very NICE for Josh and ME at site change 
time.  But the new quick sets don't even need the device.  Yes they have one 
but I don't think I will even order one.  Now if they want to send one for 
free with our order I will do that.  The new quick set goes in at the same 90 
degre angle but it disconnects right at the site.  Sof-sets leave a little 
pigtail of tubing dangling off site after you disconnect.

  Disetronics have just come out with their Ultraflex set which is almost the 
same as the Quickset but I find it a little more awkward to handle when 
getting ready to insert.  As a matter of fact I JUST did it on Josh a few 
minutes ago.  The MM set has this big blue handle thingie to hold onto.  Dis 
has this little tiny knob at the end of the introducer needle and nothing 
else to hold onto without getting stuck to the set tape itself.  So, even 
though we are using the Disetronics pump we are a lot happier with the MM 
sets.  And their latest is THE BEST ONE YET!!!  

  OK guys...this is just MY opinion!!!

Good Luck Eileen!

mom to Joshua
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