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Re: [IP] Wow!

Animas Corp is a new company and probably have not had an opportunity to show 
their support.  I know, for a fact though, that the people of Animas are very 
aware of this list.  We had a support group meeting for parents this past 
week and it was with our local Animas rep and the education person.  And part 
of their talk was about the many online services.  They listed this group's 
website and of course I told everyone about it from a personal point of view! 
 I even asked if they were personally familiar with this list and Brian, the 
rep said that he has sat back and 'listened' to some of the comments.  So I 
am thinking he must be a member??!

  And I will tell you that from what I saw of their pump on thursday, and how 
simple it was to program and operate, I'm very impressed with it and we look 
forward to possibly switching to it when the time comes to change Josh's pump 
in a few years.  Or, if we are given a choice with this H-Tron business. 
Wonder what the insurance company would have to say about all of that?? Oh 
well, that is another thread!  

mom to Joshua
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