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Re: [IP] What's a Cinnabon??

To add to what Gina said -- Cinnabon is a chain of shops that are usually
(I'd say always, but that might not be accurate -- I haven't been
_everywhere_ after all) located in shopping malls and airports.  They make
wonderful Cinnamon rolls that people either love or feel neutral toward --
they are deceptively (if you are trying to estimate carbs) not sweet
tasting, at least compared to other cinnamon rolls I've tasted where the
sugar taste overwhelms the bread and cinnamon taste.  I believe they do have
a lot of fat -- when I eat them (which is not often because they aren't at
either of the malls in Cedar Rapids, Iowa) I usually do a dual wave with
half now and half square, and keep an eye on my BG and correct as necessary.
I have more than the usual trouble with compensating for high-fat foods, so
obviously, YMMV.  If you get a chance, though, try them -- in my opinion
they are right up there with dark chocolate as a food that I could happily
live on if it wouldn't make me sick :)

I think your exposure to Cinnabon is related to your frequency of mall
shopping and the location of the country you are in.  For example, they are
all over in Seattle, and I've had them in Richmond, I believe, so I don't
think it's a regional thing.

Take care,
Kathy Trondsen
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