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Re: [IP] Hi Thanks For The Support & Different Sets

you can look at all the sets from MiniMed on their site...... but i'll try to 
break it down simply and quickly  :O)
the sils go in on an angle and manually and they disconnect at the site......
the sofsets go in with the inserter (easier) and go straight in and have like 
a little tab sticking out to stick.... then you put a piece of tape over 
it...... this one leaves a 4" tail hanging where you can disconnect.......
and the quickset which is their newest set is like a combo of  both (AND I 
MIGHT MENTION I LOVE IT)..... it goes straight in and you can do it manually 
or with the inserter......very easy manually!  you dont need tape on top of 
it as it is very sticky (YMMV!) and it disconnects at the site.  it is like a 
round piece that you twist off to disconnect.  it comes with its own little 
sharps container-type thingie too  :O)
anyway, hope this helped!  you might want to try all three to see which one 
you like the best  :O)
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