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[IP] Re: Questions about surgery with the pump

>> My doctor just informed me that I need surgery to
repair a hernia. I haven't
>> talked with a surgeon yet, but am wondering what
kind of things I need to
>> ask him?   I'd love to hear about others'
experiences with their pump during
>> surgery. I'm a little nervous as I've never had
surgery before.
> Make sure your talk to the anesthesiologist. This
is the person in charge
> of keeping you alive and well while the mechanic
(surgeon) fixes whatever
> is broken. The anesthesiologist controls your
vitals, drugs, fluids,
> oxygen, AND insulin if needed.

> Michael

A couple additional things should be taken care of;
 - Bring some way to carry your pump around.  In my
last 3 surgeries I've learned to bring the baggy
that Disetronic supplies for showers, unless your
hospital gown has a pocket (mine didn't).
 - Work with your endo to check in, and consult with
the surgeon.
 - Bring your own tester and glucose tabs.  It's
hard to get the nurses to take tests any different
from the surgeons orders.  If you're low, they will
probably bring crackers and juice, with unknown
 - If at all possible, try to get the grams on your
meals (I never was able to).  I always overestimated
from prior experience with meals that looked the
 - If you are going to be on dextrose (you shouldn't
need to unless you won't be able to eat for a long
time), make sure that you know about it and your
endo can help you compensate in your basal.
 - Take a fast a few days before your surgery, so
that you can be sure that your bg's won't jump or
drop.  You may want to temporarily loser your basal
when your are being prepped.  If they don't want you
to wear your pump, you can use your fast to show
that your bg's will stay level.
 - Bring extra supplies.  If you need a battery you
will go without out if you don't have one with.
 - You will be educating all the doctors and nurses
about the pump.  In 3 visits I did not find one who
had any experience at all.  Most will probably treat
you as if you were T2.  Take it for granted that the
pump will stay connected and the surgery will be
much better than without.

Best of luck, and be prepared.
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