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Re: [IP] arms don't hurt & gee, i'm a junkie!!! LOL>>>>>>

In a message dated 4/15/01 12:48:05 AM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

>  my arms 
> look like a mine field!  I have bruises and lumps everywhere!!  

the same thing happens to me..... and i dont like the fact anyway that the 
arm readings tend to be higher...... then what if i test on my finger... 
what's the comparison then?  if i'm going to do arms, i'll do arms all day, 
but i'd rather not look like a junkie...... i already have enough -- excuse 
me, had enough people look at me before like i was a junky when say perhaps 
i'm going to give my shot in a restaurant and i'm in the stall in the 
bathroom or in the booth itself and boom..... the needle falls out of my hand 
and on the floor and everyone immediately looks up at you like "ugh..... 
she's a junkie" and all you can do is smile and say "i have diabetes"....... 
and then say "mind your own #()&%)@(85 business!!"  LOL.........
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