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[IP] arms don't hurt?

Who were they kidding????  I don't know about "most people" cuz I don't 
consider myself one of them, but I have no idea what they are talking about 
when they say arm poking hurts LESS than fingers...jeeeez louise!!!  my arms 
look like a mine field!  I have bruises and lumps everywhere!!  Even my 
freckles are fading in comparison to the bruises.  i have been poking my 
fingers for the entire 8 years I have been pumping - sometimes as many as 12 
times a day...and never have I had  this problem with my fingers!  I look 
like i have some creeping cruddy arm disease...and it goes up to my forearm 
as well...Maybe my arms have MORE nerve endings than my fingers?  I sure 
don't bleed well from there...I sometimes have to push so hard, I get a 
little bullseye on my arm that doesnt go away for an hour!!  my best bruise 
actuallt has a white ring in the middle of it, where I  must have bruised 
AROUND the  pokey

ok i am done.

you can go back to talking about whatever it was you were discussing before I 
reared my ugly bitchy head!  

Sara who has MISSED youse guys...
:-)=B xoxx ~~~[507]
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