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[IP] rcie crispue treats

skippy's future owner asks
> Anyhow, does anyone know how many CHO are 
> in one and how big of a piece do you eat?

depends on how big of pieces you have cut the tray into.  and whether you 
have added m&ms or reeses pieces to the mix, or it you have coated them in 

ok so if a cup of rice crispies is 15 grams, then 6 cups would be 90...now 
add in the carbs for a bag of marshamallows and divide by how many pieces you 
cut the tray into...there is a bit of fat in there with the butter that holds 
all this together, but dont worry about that at first..you will have to work 
out on your own how fat slows teh absorbtion of the carb.  As a newbie to 
pumping, I would suggest colusing for the carb ONLY, testing your bg about 2 
hours after you eat them, and correct IF NECESSARY...then test again in 
another 2 hours and correct again...if you over bolus at first, then you will 
just have to keep eating them...which isnt such a bad thing, now that i think 
about it...hmmmmmm where are the peeps...bet they make good rice krispie 
treat sticker togetherers.....

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