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Re: [IP] The jig is up!!!

       OK, NOT that I was told/asked to make a public apology, but I feel 
that I did hurt someone's feelings and since I'm not a hateful or vindictive 
person, I'd say something. Also because I feel like it's starting to pit some 
people against each other 
and my basic intent was not to point out any one particular person to begin 
with, I felt that I was just trying to state that NO ONE has a right to sit 
there and tell me what my opinion is or even what I have seen as fact. Also, 
I know that doctors and nurses and all the other medical people do know a lot 
in their given field, but they are NOT infallible. EVERYONE makes mistakes, 
everyone and that's just a part of being human. (Of course if you're talking 
to my daughter, I do not make any mistakes. Mommy knows best!!! Right?? ) 
But, just to back up a bit of what I mean exactly,  I knew a boy who was born 
with many, many birth defects and the doctors (Yep, more than one) stated he 
would NEVER walk or talk because of the defects he had. Guess what?? Two 
years later, you would never have known this adorable boy was the same baby 
that was born with all those problems. (And another thing about that little 
scrawny baby.... He grew up and I married him!!! And he's not a little guy 
anymore either! )  Also, my sister had some MAJOR problems when she was 
younger that led doctors to believe that she would NEVER have a baby. They 
said that she would NEVER carry to full term. Guess what?? I have a 
beautiful, happy and HEALTHY nephew who is 4 years old now and so full of 
life! He's so amazing to me!! Every time I look at him I feel like crying 
because he is such a blessing!!  So, just as I misstated once that a doctor 
told me you cannot have a particular surgery unless you take some shots 
first, I found out he was wrong and I was wrong for saying NEVER. Anyone in 
the medical field can be wrong at times!! 

(I need to say that I call people in the medical field ,'personnel' and not 
'professionals' because a 'professional' is just that....someone who acts 

    . You will only get respect when you give respect. If everyone was to 
automatically get things just because they felt they deserved it, well hey,  
I'd be VERY rich right now. I deserve it!!  So you see how silly that is? You 
need to earn what you get.
 I do have a certain level of respect for medical people for just having gone 
through the years of schooling that they did. That still doesn't mean that 
they are more intelligent or more important than anyone else, OK ... except 
lawyers of course!!!  LOL  I had to lighten this up a bit. Plus ... none of 
you all really knows what I do for a living so hey, maybe I am a lawyer, 
maybe I am a doctor, and hey, maybe I'm a nurse?? (The world may never know) 

So, I do apologize. I MAY have stepped over the line a little. My intention 
was not to drive someone away but to try and show everyone how silly  SOME of 
us are being. I do think that I got that across to most (Whom by the way sent 
me some email and told me they truly enjoyed reading my posts, so to them I 
say thank you.!!!) but to others who obviously didn't see the humor in it. I 
extend my apologies to you. Yes, some agreed with me and thought I actually 
made a valid point and others didn't see it that way.I did. But no matter 
what side of the coin you are on, I hold no grudges, I have no harsh feelings 
for. I am not too big (or in my case to small) to admit that I'm wrong 

All I know is this....Life is too short, no one should walk around being 
angry all the time. It hurts NO ONE but you! So as I've been told many times 
before, "Suck it up and move on" Tomorrow is another day!! (I just love 

 One last thing, just because you don't agree with someone's opinion doesn't 
mean you have a right to call them dumb or anything else negative for that 
matter. If someone sees something as blue, you have no right to go up behind 
them and say, "You idiot, that's teal" That doesn't make them dumb it makes 
you LOOK dumb for making the comment you did. Everyone's entitled to their 
own opinion just as long as it's not putting someone else or someone else's 
opinion down.

(Slowly stepping off box)
No no, no applause please, just throw money!! LOL....I'm kidding, I'm 
All my best to EVERYONE, 
PS.... I hope everyone took this for what it was meant to be and please
don't try to read anything into it. Thanks  and by the way.....
HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!! (or Passover)
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