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Re: [IP] What is Michael?

>Darrin wrote:
> >> > Micheal, just what the heck are you?  You have an ability to come up
> >the simple straight forward solutions I have not encountered in anyone
> >before!  > >
>Michael is an engineer. Do we need to say any more??

OK, makes sense now.  I dropped of engineerrrring in the 2nd year becasue I
couldn't spell:  "engineeerrring".

Actually Micheal's mater of fact rational and simple solutions remind me of
an astrophysisit friend of mine.  this guy isn't theory oriented but can
answer any question time, whether the sun is slow or fast on a certain day,
explain how the eye operates  (BTW:  The human can not see colour, just
detect variance in wavelength; the brain assigns "hues" to thses variances
which are learned as children) etc etc.

I envy your minds!

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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