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[IP] re:CINNABon

 I work at Cinnabon, and see those huge buns at least
3 days a week (and usually eatone a week,s ometimes
less). (and no, working there does not make you fat,
your'e on your feet nonstop and frequently that "junk"
becomes lunch/dinner.)
 I personally haven't narrowed it down. I can eat one
for 10 units adn wind ujp in the normal range if I
start there. I dont' do ten zillion checks with a
cinnabon anymore b/c I have had so many and ended up
with such a good end result, but I agree with you,
it's nice knowing you can eat that sort of stuff like
a 'normal' nondiabetic and have good
readings..although, the first six or so months i
worked there i was still in shock (and new to the pump
so i really appreciated the pump then..)
 Now, the Cinnabon Stix, I believe are 15g cho a
piece..that's what i cover and bgs are good iwth
that... as for frosting, well that varies..
 Happy Sweets:-)

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