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[IP] Rice Crispy Treats and pumping

OK, I want to let everyone know that I am getting
my pump in a week!!!! Woo hooo Bruno!!! (Can't
tell I'm excited, can you??) As most of you know
Skippy was supposed to come (MM508) But the
insurance company said, "Nope, it's Disetronic or
nothing" So of course, I went with the Dtron. So,
all the world is right. :o)~
All right, now for the question.... I love rice crispy
treats!! Haven't been able to eat them but I still
love them!! Anyhow, does anyone know how many
CHO are in one and how big of a piece do you eat?
I guess I could ask my dietitian but it's Saturday 
and I thought I'd let her have the weekend off. LOL
Just kidding, in all honesty, she's one of the nicest
people I've met in my life. When I was in the hospital
she came to see me and didn't have to for any reason
she just told me she heard I was there and wanted to
make sure I was OK. She gave me her home # in case
I had a question that couldn't wait. However, it's not an
emergency that I'd need to ask her and I know that all
of you on this list are so VERY smart that I thought I'd
ask you all. So, thanks in advance for helping me out.
I appreciate you all so much and would NEVER take
any of you for granted. (with a tear in her eye) You all 
are very special, more helpful than a lot of the
'professionals' I have dealt with!!! Keep up the good work.
All my best, 
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