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well, well...... guess what i ate today????  yup, a BIG OL' CINNABON!!  for 
those of you who dont know, it's a big ol' huge big ol' huge cinnamon roll 
with lots of creamy frosting all over it....... and it's 114 CHO!  yup, but 
it was worth every luscious, tasty bite!  now, before i get to the funny 
part, it's been an hour since i ate it..... my ratio is 1:15 cho, but since 
there is a lot of butter in there, i decided to do a square wave.... i 
originally was going to do half and half (3.8 now and 3.8 over half an 
hour).... but as i was eating it, i started to feel shaky from the sugar 
jolt...LOL   so anyway, i ended up doing 6.6 now and 1 that happened to get 
squared in the process....... when i started out i was 117.....now an hour 
later i'm ...yikes!  i'm 115!  oh boy..... that is scary as only 30% has 
worked so far leaving at least 4 more units...... maybe the fat is slowing it 
well, anyway, here is the funny part:  i'm sitting there eating away my 
cinnabon and i probably looked like i was in heaven... but as i was eating 
it, i was reading the book DIABETES SOLUTION and really into it..... and then 
i looked up and saw these two people staring at me like i was insane!  i know 
what they were thinking.... yes, they were thinking THIS GIRL HAS DIABETES 
AND IS NUTS!  they had to see my pump cuz i had just bolused with it, so i 
looked at them and smiled and said, boy is this good!!
anyway, sorry for taking up so much of your time...... now i'm paranoid that 
i'm going to drop bigtime......but hopefully it will start digesting REAL 
SOON!  anyone else ever have one while on the pump and what did you do?
gina & mr clicks (MM508)
dx'd 11/83..... pumping 2/01 and have never felt better  :O)
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