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Re: [IP] Why I am glad I am not diabetic

Nick Trubov wrote:

"Jeez, Louise!

I thought this was an insulin pumpers list, not a diabetic's list. What are
always talking about diabetes for? I have been taking insulin for thirty
years, but that doesn't make me a diabetic. I use an insulin pump so I joined
the list. I have gotten some really good information from you all, too.

By the way, I AM really glad that I am insulin dependent. I am convinced that
saved my life, SO THERE!

Is it really possible that I am the _ONLY_ insulin pumper that doesn't have

Sweetie, what's going on with your blood sugars right now? This is a very odd
posting and I'm wondering about you. If you're NOT with diabetes, why go
through injecting or pumping insulin?

Unfortuanately you are NOT cured, and you still have diabetes.

Consequently, this is a list of Diabetic people who happen to use (or are
interested in) the Insulin PUMP. We have diabetes and therefore, will discuss

Hope you feel better soon.

Jenny Sutherland
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