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Re:[IP] Back-to-back BGs/BG for driving?

--- "Patrick G. Jobe" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > hmmmm, when i got my pump my cde just said not to
> drive under 70. I
> > haven't read any research on this.  Disetronic
> literature didn't say over
> 100
> > unless i missed it and that is entirely possible. 
> What do most of you do?
 I usually test before driving,if I am under 75 I will
eat something and wait about 15 minutes.If I feel good
after that,I will go ahead if not,I'll check bg again
and eat more if necessary.If I am 75-100,I will eat
something and go ahead and drive.I have stopped many a
low on the road in its tracks because I tested before
driving,which is a good thing.When I get low during
driving,I do not want to pull off and test and I
usually get in the
I-can-make-it-to-wherever-I'm-going-even though I'm
having a low type of mood.I'll usually devour whatever
glucose tablets handy,but still continue driving
because I am so irrational right then.Haven't ever
gotten in an accident,because I do keep food with me
constantly but I'm sure this is a dangererous
practice.I'm not as good a driver right then,and even
though I won't pass out my thinking skills could cause
me to make mistakes and maybe get in an accident.I
also think you have to have great confidence in the
accuracy of your meter,and mine has always been
terrific so I trust what it says to go by.But its
YMMV,as some people can drop very quickly ans some are
more steady in their BG control so you need to do
whats safe for you.
             Heidi(pumpin' on the 23rd of April!)

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