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Re: [IP] Cure for 1 Also a Cure for 2?

On Sat, 14 Apr 2001 email @ redacted wrote:

> I know next to nothing about Type 2 (and have only been learning about type 1 
> in the last 5 months since Katie was diagnosed), but it seems to me that (at 
> least in most cases), a "cure" for one won't be a "cure" for the other . . . 
> i.e. The Edmonton trials -- it doesn't seem to me that this kind of cure 
> wouldn't really help Type 2s who are making insulin, but not able to use it 
> properly . . . Is my thinking correct?  Can some of your knowledgeable ones 
> help me to understand this better?

There are something like 20+ identified sub-types of TYPE II, as I 
recall, and only one TYPE I. The various cures that you see in the papers 
are generally for type I diabetes and would not be applicable to TYPE II. 
The general research into gene therapy and identification of specific 
proteins and complex protein chemistry are the areas that will most 
probably yield treatment and/or cure for type II (and maybe type I).

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