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Re: [IP] Back-to-back BGs/BG for driving & Bottoming Out Driving!


i could NEVER drive under 70 or at 70!  at 70 i'm now starting to feel 
low...... before i never felt it (thank you Mr. Clicks)..... if i am under 
100 or even 110, i am a bit paranoid and will sit down and look at when my 
last bolus was, is there any unused insulin working, etc..... if i know there 
is even a slight chance i may drop further, i will eat maybe two gluc tabs 
and test in about half and hour or 45 minutes.......
the reason i am so paranoid is because i did bottom out once while driving on 
the highway!  i managed to get to the side of the road, but that's the very 
last thing i remember before waking up in the ER!  very scary for me!!!!
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