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[IP] Re: Sherry's questions about breastfeeding

So glad you wrote--you were on my mind the other day, and I was trying to
remember when you were due, or if you had the baby yet. Hang in
there--you're doing really great, and it's almost over. And now that mine
is 2 months old next week, I can (finally) say it was worth it (but
sometimes I think it was just worth it, if you know what I mean :)

I had lots of the same breastfeeding questions. I can only answer some of
yours. I'm working at home, so I don't know about being able to
breastfeed in the morning and evening. Personally, I make A LOT  of milk,
and need to pump at times even when my baby feeds every 2-4 hours. The
engorgement can get to you. But this is YMMV, and you will certainly know
within a few weeks of baby's birth, before you return to work. I wish I
could help you more there. As for carbo needs during feeding, I found
that I needed lots more (and didn't need to bolus for much of it) during
the first few weeks, but that slows down. Now, I don't eat much more. But
I found if I don't eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day, and 3
glasses of milk, that the quality of my milk was worse, she was fussier,
and I was feeding her hourly. I force myself now to make salads and
veggies with dinner. My bolus rates didn't change as a result of
breastfeeding per se, but post partum makes many changes. I think
breastfeeding was making me low at first, but within 2 weeks I would say
my body adjusted to it, and it doesn't make me low.

However, it makes me feel low. When I get a let-down reflex, I feel so
low, and it drives me crazy. I keep my meter nearby and test every
feeding. I'm usually fine. But to compensate for the feeling, I eat or
drink something while feeding her and bolus for it. I've noticed the
feeling is much weaker now that breastfeeding is better established. I've
heard no one  else mention this feeling, but my endo said it makes sense,
as she was 'taking carbs' from me. 

As for whether it will be good for her autoimmune system, it better be,
b/c sometimes that's the only thought that keeps me going at 3 am
feedings! I really don't know, but I hope so. And, oh yeah, we're really
prone to yeast infections on our breasts-ow! 

Try reading "The Complete Guide to Breastfeeding" or another similar
book. Also the Motherwear website is good--nursing clothes, and info. As
is La Leche League's website. Sorry this is so long. You're in my

Maureen M.

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