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Re: [IP] The jig is up!!!

In a message dated 4/14/01 9:27:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> And you all act like spoiled little children.

HEHE...I just have to say it....maybe we were all "allowed" to skip the lines
at disney when we were little....
Seriously Roxanne, I dont think people had a problem with what you have to
say, I think its more in the way you go about stating your ideas....You come
across rather harsh and uncaring....I am not trying to bash you and I am one
of the parents you tried to "challenge" as you put it...I just think you
could have a lot of things to offer this list but they all get tuned out by
the harshness of your words...

<<I got too may e-mail to
me personally when I challenged the parents last week.  A LOT of e-mail in
support of my openness as well as stating that they agreed with me.
Hmmm...makes me wonder why none of those people voice their thought on the
LISTSERV...maybe they are afraid of your responses.  Food for thought>>

Roxanne, when the whole disney issue was going on, I received many many
supportive emails agreeing with what I as well as the other parents had to
say, so it can go either way.....and for the people that didnt agree with the
parents, they werent judgmental and telling us how our kids are going to turn
out if we didnt wait in a line it was you......The other people that didnt
agree with the parents stated their opinions in a non-confrontational
way....You might be one hell of a dietician but if you lack people skills
does it really matter how "professional" you are??  Food for thought...!!
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