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Re: [IP] The jig is up!!!

You are right...this gig is up.  And you no longer have a PROFESSIONAL 
And it is your loss, not mine.  I will still read and laugh at your 
ignorance, but will not respond.  Not that any of you will care.  Someone 
states a fact (about my professionalism meaning nothing to you,) and you 
start the fights and pettiness.  I question why people consider themselves or 
the children 'special' because we have this disease and I get awful e-mail 
sent to me personally.  None of you respect anybody's opinion on anything.  
You are all right.  And you will suffer from your misinformation.  When I 
joined IP I got many e-mails personally stating 'It's great to have an RD on 
the LISTSERV!' , etc., etc.  However, now the ignorance places blame on 
Michael...grow up.

You are not worth my time.  And you all act like spoiled little children.

Hmmm...that's 2 people that have decided not to respond or submit to anything 
anymore...2 in the last week.  Where's the real problem?

Maybe IP should make a separate list for us adults.  I got too may e-mail to 
me personally when I challenged the parents last week.  A LOT of e-mail in 
support of my openness as well as stating that they agreed with me.  
Hmmm...makes me wonder why none of those people voice their thought on the 
LISTSERV...maybe they are afraid of your responses.  Food for thought.

Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Registered and Licensed Dietitian
Cleveland, Ohio

In a message dated 4/13/01 11:46:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Ok, I figured it out.... Roxy baby is a plant (A person specifically put 
> somewhere by another group for a specific duty) from Michael... You put her 
> here to stir things up a bit!! I'm on to you Mikey!! LOL  No one can be 
> that 
> angry or take everything so personally!! I mean to attack EVERYONE that 
> writes something and to think the world revolves around them is absolutely 
> incredible!! But, since you put her here to get us all going so we'd have a 
> bit of controversy is just brilliant Mikey.... I give you LOADS of credit 
> for 
> that one!!!
> You slay me!!!
> Elizabeth
> BTW....I NEVER said that diabetes just 'goes away' however, since I am the 
> one who checked her blood sugars for a whole month and there was never a 
> reading over 121 post meals, I agreed that she didn't NEED the 
> insulin....oops, my bad, I'm not a 'professionsl' so my opinion isn't worth 
> squat! Oh, wait a minute, I do have some initials I could put after my 
> name....I feel so left out, maybe I should start putting them there. First, 
> I 
> went to culinary art school and got my DEGREE, so I have CC I can put after 
> my name. But wait, there's also PBSA...that, I've been training for my 
> life and I'm really proud of them. IF you don't know what they mean, I'll 
> tell you.... it means, "Professional Bulls**t Artist"  :o)~  Roxy, I'll 
> send 
> you a copy of my degree just for you to view.
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