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[IP] WHAT MONTH WERE YOU DX'D? and other stuff

Patricia 11 was  DX/ED in July. We asked and asked the doctors for 0
months what was wrong with her.We had adopted her and He said it was all
the adoption stuff. I knew her since she was 5 months old and she was a
fat heavy slow baby. At 1 year she was skinny and drank steady and ran
like crazy all the time. By 26 months she was a jeckle/hyde personality.
Kept chasing the doctor and finally in July, on a Saturday morning, I
took her to emergency as she would not wake up. Her sugars were  1044 or
Canadian 58.0. She was placed in the children's hospital for 1 week.We
were so thankful it was just diabetes too. And how we have learned and
far better for the learning process.
Hubby's family are all people with heart/stroke and blood pressure
problems and diabetes. We lost mom and dad both to strokes after a life
of uncontrolled sugars and blood pressure problems. Now my sisterinlaw
is in palliative care after 2 strokes, 1 heart attack and kidneys
gone...They say she has been diabetic but not treated and now on 4 shots
a day. Other brotherinlaw type 1 just had another heart attack and is in
need of kidneys after treatments for 3 3/1 yrs. Youngest brotherinlaw
just had a stroke and is 45. I nag...yes nag, my hubby to take better
care and he tries hard. We believe alot of this is inherited as we have
researched it back 3 generations so far.

But our daughter 11 still is so thankful she just has diabetes and looks
at them all saying..she will do her best to try to have good control and
live well and still have Fun... she is a gem in my basket of life and
how I love her. She is now pumping since Feb 28/01 and loves , loves
pumping. We are seeing far better controls and learning more each
day.Life is what you choose it to be and we say life is good.

Jana (willing partner) and mom to Patricia and her pump New name Meme...
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