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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #50

I have been reading this IP list for a quite some time, but have not 
responded to it..just enjoying all the info I am reading...you all are such a 
great support to each other...that's nice!! I look forward to reading my IP 

In response to "diabetes does not go away"....I have heard of it "sort of" 
going away and have seen first hand that if you catch it early enough, you 
can reverse it and not need insulin or you can get your pancreas to "heal" 
itself with a nutritional approach...that seems to make sense, because of our 
body's incredible ability to heal itself, when given the proper nutrients... 
and since Diabetes is an autoimmune disease, if you tackle the immune system 
and strengthen it, you could..maybe get the pancreas working again...I say 
this because I have met two two teenagers, who did just that and neither are 
on insulin, after having been diagnosed with IDDM...they may eventually have 
to go on it, but for now (it's been almost five years since they were dx'd) 
they are insulin-free. I myself have gone six days without insulin...my Dr's 
could give me no explanation....my sugars were "perfect" during this time ( 
80-100) and then on the 7th day, I woke up with a 184 BG and started taking 
the insulin again...some people would say it was stored up insulin wearing 
off, but 6 days of it??...anyway, that's the reason I did some research and 
called this Mom of the teenagers...so maybe the diabetes doesn't go away, but 
it seems like it! (-; For me it was a fun few days...when I realized that 
every time i was taking my BG I was within the normal range, I did try to 
watch what I was eating..ate less carbs, etc., but it was fun while it 
lasted... (-: Deb, pumping since October, 2000 and DM for 30 years this 
month!!!!...was actually dx'd right after Easter and a virus...no history of 
diabetes in my family!
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