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[IP] Re: insulin not enough?

    Your story about the treatment of elderly patients is very sad but 
probably quite widespread.  While living in the UK for 2 years I read many 
newspaper stories about elderly patients being starved to death to save the 
NHS the cost of their care.  The NHS was a major reason we moved back to 
    Elizabeth's aunt probably could not have been a Type 1 diagnosed around 
1930, but it is possible.  Does anyone know when insulin was first widely 
available for use? And did you have to be wealthy to afford it? Claire's 
great auntie was the only heriditary link in our family with DM, and this 
auntie must have died from it around 1930, after being diagnosed around the 
age of 20.  Of course being Canadian, I know all about when Banting and Best 
first produced insulin in Toronto--all schoolchildren of my generation 
learned this!

Barbara, Mum of Claire now 7 and pumping 3 days--its awesome!
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