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Re: [IP] Why i am NOT GLAD I HAVE Diabetes

Very well, I wouldn't use the word "Glad" either, but we have it. Deal with

I suppose it wouild be better for you to have none of the things associated
with 'betes and just get cancer in its fatal stages? No treatment, no way of
controlling it, you're on the way out and that is that.

Or, maybe a catastrophic stroke? Leaving your family to either keep you going
for years only to pull the plug?

I was very preemie and wasn't even supposed to live. So y'know what? If I HAVE
to have anything in this life I've been granted, I would choose to have
diabetes and live in this developed country where I have a college education
and the necessary foods and meds for me, and the PUMP.

You really want to try living with this in a poor, underdeveloped country and
have NO meds, and NO insurance options at all? Go ahead.

I think I'll live through the times of frustration, because otherwise I would
not be alive to complain about it. Just a thought.

Jenny Sutherland
  I have seen several emails going about where folks say why they are glad
they have
  well I am not glad!

  1. need to be extra careful about diet
  2. hate the needles
  3. infections take forever to heal
  4. higher risk of amputations, blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage, the
  goes on
  5. being rejected for life insurance also, if you can get it it costs
through the
  6. medical insurance very costly if you need to get it on your own
  7. all the other medical problems, (thyroid problems, cholesterol problems..
  goes on)
  the list could go on, but if you are diabetic, you probably have had the
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