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[IP] The jig is up!!!

Ok, I figured it out.... Roxy baby is a plant (A person specifically put 
somewhere by another group for a specific duty) from Michael... You put her 
here to stir things up a bit!! I'm on to you Mikey!! LOL  No one can be that 
angry or take everything so personally!! I mean to attack EVERYONE that 
writes something and to think the world revolves around them is absolutely 
incredible!! But, since you put her here to get us all going so we'd have a 
bit of controversy is just brilliant Mikey.... I give you LOADS of credit for 
that one!!!

You slay me!!!
BTW....I NEVER said that diabetes just 'goes away' however, since I am the 
one who checked her blood sugars for a whole month and there was never a 
reading over 121 post meals, I agreed that she didn't NEED the 
insulin....oops, my bad, I'm not a 'professionsl' so my opinion isn't worth 
squat! Oh, wait a minute, I do have some initials I could put after my 
name....I feel so left out, maybe I should start putting them there. First, I 
went to culinary art school and got my DEGREE, so I have CC I can put after 
my name. But wait, there's also PBSA...that, I've been training for my ENTIRE 
life and I'm really proud of them. IF you don't know what they mean, I'll 
tell you.... it means, "Professional Bulls**t Artist"  :o)~  Roxy, I'll send 
you a copy of my degree just for you to view.
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