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i just heard on tv that the "big brother" show is taking applicants for 
people on the show again..... i don't know how many of you watched it before 
or even heard of it, but it is one of those reality shows that is broadcast 
over the net 24 hours a day and also on tv every day for 1/2 hour....... 
anyway, i was thinking the BEST THING they could ever do is have a diabetic 
on there with an insulin pump so people could see and watch what we go 
through 24 HOURS A DAY, NO EDITING!!!!!!!  the problem is, i think the 
disclaimer they have to sign says that they have no major medical conditions, 
etc......... but it was jsut a thought!  that would be like the BEST way to 
educate people......they would see first-hand and learn soooooooooooo 
sooooooo much!
maybe we can write the show and tell them how this would benefit us and tell 
them if someone went on the show with a pump, they would sign a waiver in 
case something went wrong or something.........
i dont know.........just a thought and boy, oh boy, that would sure educate 
people.....beyond belief!!!!!!!!!
too bad we couldn't do it.....or can we??????
gina & mr clicks (MM508)
dx'd 11/83..... pumping 2/01 and have never felt better  :O)
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