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In a message dated 4/13/01 8:59:47 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> But my word above are only the words of a professional, which means 

i usually dont get involved in these bickerings, but why do you have to have 
such an attitude to EVERYONE--or should i say MOST-- people on this LISTSERV? 
 not everyone agrees on everything, but posts like the above only bring drama 
and ignite tempers which seems to be happening quite often lately.... and i 
hate to say it but it's usually the same 'person' who causes the 
controversy!!  i'm not pointing fingers at anyone..... it's my opinion and i 
have a right to it as you do yours!  
you need not reply to this message and start another war, but i am here to 
learn..... and although i do learn by controversy and pick up facts when 
people disagree on many topics, these low blows in my opinion just don't 
belong here!!!!!!!
again, you need not reply to this....... i simply am not here to have a 
personal war with anyone....... and i think i speak for MOST on this 
listserv....but then again, maybe not!
sorry to everyone if i sound rude, but i am here to learn and relax and 
relate to people who ARE LIKE ME, not those who accuse MOST of us as being a 
certain type of person or one who stereotypes the rest of this list and only 
thinks that the FACTS provided by herself/himself are the FACTS OF LIFE!
these head-on attacks i dont belive are meant for this list...... we are 
supposed to be here to support each other and learn from each other, NOT ONLY 
POST WHEN WE DISAGREE WITH SOMETHING!!!!!!!  but then again... and yes, once 
again...... maybe i don't know the Rules!
i'm sorry for taking up so much of everyone's time, but i have a feeling i 
speak for more than myself here.  and if i dont, then this comes straight 
from me!!!  and if i am removed from this list for this post, well, at least 
i got to speak my mind and say what so many are afraid of saying 
themselves........ but then again, that's freedom of speech and i guess you 
have it too... it's just a matter of trying to get along and being socialable 
and amicable...... which obviously isn't your intention here!
thank you.....and again, no need to flame me.... if you wish to reply, please 
TAKE IT OFF LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stepping down,
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