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Re: [IP] insulin not enough?

First of all, I clearly stated in my previous e-mail on this subject that NOT 

Most people take less insulin as an adult than they do as a child/teenager.  
The growth hormones cause all sorts of BG fluctuations.  Childhood and the 
teenage years are peaks and valley's in terms of growing.  This has been 
stated many times on the list serve.

If you Aunt was diagnosed in her 20's and no longer has to take any insulin 
at all, I would check into that.  Many MDs do not regularly monitor BG levels 
in the ultra-elderly (the term for ages 90 and up,) and for all anyone knows 
her BG's may be all over the place.  I have IDDM's in my nursing homes who 
only receive BG check once or twice a week and only receive s/s coverage with 
regular insulin at those times.  And no matter what I tell the physicians, 
they do not change.  I have even had some take the insulin away, try to go to 
an oral hypoglycemic, have my Resident go into DKA and admit that the MD was 
wrong.  Your Aunt may not be in a nursing home, but the MD may be doing the 
same type of thing.  Or she may never have been truly insulin dependent...and 
as she has aged, he appetite has decreased (normal aspect of aging,) and 
therefore perhaps her weight, all which would cause the supplemental insulin 
to no longer be needed.  

Type I diabetes just simply does not go away.  This is not my opinion...it is 
a fact.

But my word above are only the words of a professional, which means 
absolutely nothing to most on this LISTSERV.

Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Registered & Licensed Dietitian
Cleveland, Ohio
IDDM X 18+ years, Pumping since 1/04/1995

In a message dated 4/13/01 9:24:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> I would have to say that you have received misinformation.
> I've been diabetic of 20 years and right now, I'm taking less
> insulin than when I first started when I was 11. My great aunt
> has been diabetic for longer than I've been alive. She became
> diabetic in her early 20's and is now over 95 and she no longer
> has to take ANY insulin shots!!! So, I do not believe that the 
> older you get, the more resistant you become. (Of course, this
> is just my opinion!!)
> All my best, 
> Elizabeth
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