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[IP] hello Lisa Meckley

Hi Lisa

My daughter Eileen, is 13 and has been pumping since last August. It was a 
hard decision to make, but we aree 100% thrilled we did.
Eileen was going thru some very bad periods of highs due to her hormones. It 
was really a roller coaster for us. Now her bg's are more stabler, and when 
they do get out of line it is sooo much easier to bring her back to control 
again. Also, she hasn't had a severe low since pumping.

You've come to the right place. I myself, was a lurker here for 2 or 3 
months before we started on the pump. She has a blue MM 508 which we are 
very happy with, no problems whatsoever. It is a lot of hard work in the 
beginning, but you'll be rewarded with your daughter's better health.
Eileen says "they have to pry it from her cold, dead hands" before she 
leaves her pump. (this is kind of a joke between pumpers on this list!)
If you would like to email me privately or have any questions, feel free to 
do so.

Mom to Eileen, pumping since 08/00!
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