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Re: [IP] Statistics

> Michael,
> I was viewing the statistics on the IP list. I notice the Animas
> pump is not listed for users, and there is no space(s) for other
> pumps previously used like the CPI/Lilly, Auto Syringe, Eugly, etc.
> It would be interesting to have those items charted, as well. We do
> appreciate all you do for us in detail. (~_^)

It is listed on the Insulin Pumpers Information Form, no one that has 
submitted data has indicated that they use an animas pump so nothing 
is displayed. Same is true of the Dtron and the MM-2000 
(implantable). Likewise on sets, there are many more sets available 
than those shown on the statistics display, they just have never been 

I beg and plead with YA'LL to fill out the form so we have 
representative data, but that's all I can do. You folks actually have 
to take the time to submit the data.

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