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Re: [IP] complications in children

Deborah and Eve, 
         I HATE having to tell you this, although you are already aware of 
this,  but that doctor is 'FULL OF BS' (and that is not standing for blood 
sugar this time)  I was diagnosed at 11 years old, in PERFECT control for the 
first 4 years, the 5th year I was a little lax, and in my 6th year, 
everything went to sh*t!!  I was laying in my bed in the fetal position, I 
couldn't get up except to go to the bathroom. I went to several different 
doctors to find out what was going on. (3 different Neurologists, 2 different 
Endocrinologists, a Psychiatrist who told my Mom I belonged in a home, to a 
Pediatric Neurologist) The last doctor I saw told me that I had Peripheral 
Neuropathy!! He said that everyone else could not figure it out because it 
was unusual to have it at that age but that it DID happen!!! So, if you want 
to give him some information, tell him to talk to the doctors at the 
University of Miami Children's Diabetes Center.  They are well versed in all 
the complications that children get.
All my best, 
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