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okay, i know that subject line sounds a little off, but hey, you gotta make 
the best of it, right?  
i was sitting here earlier thinking of how much i really know about medicine 
and conditions, etc, and i realized that had it not been for diabetes, i 
probably wouldn't know half of the things i know today!  although i had 
extensive medical terminology training in court reporting school, it doesnt' 
compare to the knowledge i have gained over the years relating to many 
different diseases/disorders/medication, etc....
i'm thankful mostly for the fact that diabetes has given me a better 
understanding of people but most of all a very strong sense of the word 
'appreciation.'  i sometimes think about how terrible i have it, but i am 
thankful that i can get up in the morning and get up and walk.......... i 
appreciate the small things that some people take for granted!!  
diabetes has made me a better person overall and although at times it has 
brought great sadness and frustration to my life, it has many times made me 
proud to know so much........ nutrition, medicine, procedures, etc.......... 
in fact, lots of people envy me for this!  
of course we all. wish we didnt have diabetes, but again, i'm just trying to 
think of it in a positive way!
btw, i just cleaned my whole entire house.........something i haven't done 
since the day i moved in!  i feel great today :O)  it's about time........ at 
least now i can appreciate the sunshine and open the blinds.......before i 
just locked myself up and didn't know if it was night or day!!
just a happy day for me,
gina & mr clicks   :O)
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