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Re: [IP] What month were you dx'd?

> In a message dated 4/13/01 9:53:25 AM Central Daylight Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> > So, the exact month of diagnosis may not 
> > mean a whole lot. It's just when the outward symptoms started to be 
> > 
> all i read is the month of dx!  so whatever this study was, they are
> assuming the symptoms started earlier and however much time elapses,
> etc......until one is dx'd...... i was just curious about it!  i
> read it in Diabetes INterview magazine! the weird thing is, the
> majority of people who replied WERE IN FACT dx'd during those
> months!!!!!!  strange!

It is not strange at all. Most dx are precipitated by some event that 
triggers the need for more insulin. Typically this is an illness that 
puts additional energy demands on the body so more glucose is 
necessary, thus more insulin. Naturally this pushes bg's up and the 
result is the typical onset of ketosis seen in most newly diagnosed 

Think about what happens to your bg's when you are ill. Almost always 
they run high and you need anywhere from 20-50% extra insulin until 
recovery. Usually in warm months we are all free of colds and flu 
like illnesses. In the winter -- whammy. It makes sense that more 
people would be dx'd during this period of time. The process which 
destorys the beta cells is a slow one. The insult of an illness 
simply overwhelms the body's ability to produce insulin with a 
damaged pancreas and the result is a dx if diabetes.

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