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[IP] Interested in some thoughts about time of diagnosis.....

I know that to most it is not important as to why I have diabetes,, but for 
some reason to me it really bothers me.... Let me start at the beginning...I 
became pregnant in 1992 .. Pregnancy went pretty well, although I did NOT 
have that sugar test, where you have to drink the sweet yucky stuff.. I 
recall my doctor stating that I didn't need it, since I had no family history 
of diabetes.. I had my daughter Feb. 1993... I gained a lot of weight during 
pregnancy, went from 106 lbs, to 170 lbs.. I lost weight fairly easy after 
the birth of my daughter...Thought i had "good" genes...  But I ended up in 
the hospital in March of 1994, dxed with IDDM at 23 years old.  I had 
symptoms for a while probably like December or January, I can't remember.  
Like I said I have NO family history of diabetes, I don't recall being sick 
prior to diagnosis... Is it possible I could have been diabetic during 
pregnancy??  My daughter wasn't a large baby...7lb 6oz.. But I am ashamed to 
admit it, I smoked while pregnant...  I just can't seem to make any 
connection of what possibly triggered the diabetes.. it just doesn't make a 
lot of sense to me. But I supposed a lot of us feel this way.. Anyone with 
any thoughts on this?
MM 508
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