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Re: [IP] Breastfeeding questions

Sherry -
I breastfed both mine - My 3 year-old for 9 months and my 20 month-old 
until 19 months (yes I just weaned her last month - when I was six months 
pregnant!)    I worked for a year starting when the 3 yo was 7 months - I 
continued to nurse her for a few months after i started working and I did 
not pumpm - just nursed mornings and nights - your body adjusts pretty 
quickly that way.  (although I might suggest taking a manual breastpump to 
work with you that first week just in case you get really engorged and need 
some relief during the day. Engorged breasts can be pretty uncomfortable.

I didn't feel strongly about breastfeeding before I had kids, but when I 
saw my oldest lying there in that NICU and I felt so helpless to do 
anything for her, I felt a very strong compulsion to breastfeed her, and 
the NICU doctors and staff felt very strongly that even drops of breastmilk 
would benefit the baby.   i have thyroid disease in addition to diabetes, 
both autoimmune and there was NEVER any suggestion that my milk wouldn't be 
helpful.  I have no doubt that even if you stopped nursing when you went 
back to work those few months would be great for your baby.  Plus nursing 
is much easier than bottles during the night, as you can actually sleep 
while nursing a baby if you lie down beside the baby.

As far as diabetes control, I didn't notice a difference in my basal rates 
or carb ratios, but I did have some unpredictable lows - I couldn't really 
tie them to the time of nursing specifically - I honestly am not sure when 
your body gathers up nutrients to make breastmilkl - whether it's while 
nursing or between sessions.
Glad baby is cooperative with the NSTs - it definitely takes a long time if 
they don't cooperate!

Keep that baby in as long as you can.
- Betsy

Betsy, age 34, Type 1 27 years, Disetronic 6 yrs, on third pregnancy with
pump and due in June.
email @ redacted
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