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Re: [IP] Re: DST - for Darrin

>On 12 Apr 2001, at 23:47, Darrin Parker wrote:
>> My internal clock is out of sync permanently
>> and the sleep clinic says it's useless to fight it.  To accept that I'll
>> never fit into "normal society".  I'm a bat.
>Oh boy do I hear ya!
>Being janitors, we're up late anyway, and being the Bosses, we
>never know when we might have to pull a double-shift, so our sleep
>gets messed up very easily.   Three times this year, I've had to
>readjust my sleep, by staying up 2 hours later every day until I'm
>back where I need to be.  I can't seem to push my sleep
>backwards very easily.
>I know that *lack* of sleep messes up my bgs.  So moving forward
>(which I'm able to do because we have enough flexibilty in our
>schedule to be able to shuffle things around) makes sure I get
>enough sleep and helps ease the transition.


Good to hear from you!  Hope business is fine.  This is one reason I've
said I liek your line of work.  I love working late - esp if it's cleaning
or fixing.  Trouble is no social life is possible with that schedule.  Over
the years many people have disowned me due to my sleep patterns.

Tanks for your pointers.  TTYS

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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