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Re: [IP] Depression, attn. Darrin

>You need to have a safety plan for when the depression hits -- someone
>you can call who will be a back-up. I'm lucky in that I do have such
>people -- my major difficulty is that when I'm depressed, I REALLY don't
>want to talk to anyone or see anyone, but I promised several people that
>if I'm severely depressed I will call them, and having that drilled into
>my head may help if I really get bad.

Now a days i just impulsivly drive to the city, about 1.5 hours, nd treat
myself to a movie or dinner or a coffee house and some good converstaion
with people i meet.  Always meet facinating people with their own story and
i always learn so much from them.  Here, there's really nothing to do in
the 8 months of winter.  No movies, no good restaraunts, a taverin and a
pub - Oh a Mall which is a good escape but always risky as far as runnning
into former employees, local political types and the girl.  ;-/

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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