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Re: [IP] Depression, attn. Darrin

>Darrin Parker wrote:
>>  Problem is; any
>> length of time spent above 120 and I slip into severe depression.  Guess
>> what I need is some sort of short-acting anti-depressants to cover the
>> hours bg is returning to normal range.
>I wonder if there ARE any short-acting anti-depressants. I've never
>heard of any, and I've been severely depressed (suicidal), and just had
>to tough it out until the medication started working. Which was about 4

I've spent my time with cognative therapy - man was my thinking ever
skewed!  I probably had every unhealthy thought sequence any text book can
cite.  After a year of work I can dicipline my htoughts but only if bg is
normal range.  Tried an anti-depressant last year for six months but made
no difference.  ONly two things through me now:  Elevated bg's or a
rollercoaster and meeting the "ex and her boyfriend - usually this happens
three times a week depite my efforts to avoid her.  The family problems,
estate bankruptcies, corporate creditors, loss of access to most of my
hobies are all easy to cope with now.  It;s just those two little things.
Damn.  Last week i did run into them during the change to DST.  Sure this
did not help. ;-/

>I have also noticed that high BGs made my depression worse, and when the
>depression is bad, I don't want to take care of BGs, and so it's a
>vicious cycle.

True.  reported by numerous people on this list.


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