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[IP] Pumping on Monday

Just wanted to update you on my progress. I'm the one who sent the messages 
entitled convince me and recent diabetic.

I've decided to go for it. Actually decided a few weeks ago. After I stopped 
fighting change and worrying too much, I was fine with it. It's just too 
important not to do it. My health/body is my number one priority right now 
and if I let that go, I would disappoint myself and that just isn't worth 

Going through the pump training classes at the doctor's office and all the 
messages from you all also helped.

I chose the Animas. I really liked the look of it, although I know it
doesn't really matter what it looks like, but when they are all so similar 
that has to come into play. I also liked my rep and the customer service.

So after weeks of training, I'm now on saline and begin on Monday. I'm
pretty excited and so far haven't had any trouble with the infusion sets
hurting, which was one of my biggest fears.  Sleeping with it is still a
challenge, but I'll figure it out.

Happy Spring to all and thanks for being a great support system.


email @ redacted
Type 1 since July 2000
Ultralente and Humalog
Pumping on Monday!

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