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Re: [IP] re: highs, lows, and brainpower

>Forget the A1Cs (which for me have routinely
>been pretty good the past few years, even before the pump)--I KNOW I
>concentrate far better in that somewhat narrow range.
>And to think after 35 years of the disease I thought I "knew" just about
>everything about how the disease affected me. Just think--if it affects
>even how I play a simple game, imagine how it affects all of us as we
>study, try to do a good job at work, etc., etc. Moral: I don't want to
>be overly consumed by testing (every few minutes or so!), but when these
>continuous meters are made practical, it will be another quantum leap I
>think in how we as diabetics feel each day.
>Sorry for the long (and probably boring) post...

Not a boring post, Todd!  I'm comforted to hear I'm not the only one who
has found this - again with me only noticeable after starting the pump.  I
too thought that 27 years od D taught me all about my body but was I ever
wrong.  Thiings are so measureable and predictable on the pump that I now
know what you do:  forget performance, mentally or physically if below 70
or above 120!

Thanks for sharing.  Apparentlty there are two of us!

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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Five days pumping gave me better control than I had achieved in 27 years of
To date:   51% improvement in average bg's & 80% fewer hypos.
Pre-pump HeA1c = 9.2. * First post-pump HeA1c = 5.1 *  (N = 4.3 - 5.8).
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