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[IP] breastfeeding

Sherry, I nursed both of my babies without much trouble.  The first one I did 
full time for 3 months and then went back to work and continued part time 
(morning and night) until 6 months.  Your body will adjust and start making 
less milk, but you need to wean gradually, or you will be in extreme pain & I 
mean EXTREME pain.  The second baby I wasn't working, so I nursed full time 
until around six months.  I was on shots at the time nursed both of them, and 
it did have an effect on my bs.  If the baby nursed a lot in one day, I 
usually experienced lows, or if it was having a sleepy day and not eating 
much, I was usually a bit high.  I do highly recommend nursing.  Neither of 
my kids got sick until after I quit & then they were constantly sick with ear 
infections for the next two years (starting about two weeks after I stopped.) 
 And I don't believe it had anything to do with the seasons because one was a 
September baby and one was a March baby and they both started getting ear 
infections right after I quit.   I do think the mother's antibodies do offer 
some protection.
Good luck, 
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