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Re: [IP] re: highs, lows, and brainpower

In a message dated 4/13/01 1:25:47 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Just think--if it affects
even how I play a simple game, imagine how it affects all of us as we
study, try to do a good job at work, etc., etc. >>

And driving!  I agree, I also didn't realize how much better I can feel 
without those only slightly elevated blood sugars that I never really even 
imagined being able to avoid before I got the pump.  But it does require 
pretty obsessive behavior to achieve for me, and even with that, is still not 
the norm (maybe things will get better after menopause has resolved).  My 
younger brain must have been able to adapt to the changes much better than 
now, because I've enjoyed a lot of my life <gr.> (I was diagnosed at 8 and am 
now 54).  But I certainly do find it worth it now to attempt very, very tight 

Linda Z
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