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Re: [IP] What month were you dx'd?

At 07:30 am 4/13/2001 sherry nolan wrote:
 >had no symptoms other then a full body rash, and was wetting the bed. (4yrs
 >At diagnosis my bg was 896, but no ketones.  The doctors were shocked I
 >wasn't thirsty.

I'm just wondering how accurate all this information is? When we were 
diagnosed and when symptoms first started to appear may be months apart. 
Even then, i've heard that the destruction of the islet cells had probably 
been going on for years prior. So, the exact month of diagnosis may not 
mean a whole lot. It's just when the outward symptoms started to be 
recognized, not when the disease actually started.

For more accurate information, one of our medical people may want to chime 
in here.

(dx'd in february 1979)
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