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[IP] Breastfeeding questions

I have been thinking more and more about breast feeding when Babyzilla gets here in
a few weeks. At first I had just decided not to since I will have to go back to
work full-time after about 7 or 8 weeks. But now I've been thinking again.  Someone
told me that it's better for the baby even if you only do it for a short time than
not at all, and that you can even just breastfeed at morning and dinner when you
have to work. Does anyone have any experience with this?  Can you train your body
to produce just when it's convenient??  I really can't see me wanting to excuse
myself at work and go pump milk all the time.  I'm lucky to even get a lunch break
or potty break sometimes.
And does anyone know how it affects their carb ratios or insulin requirements to
breastfeed?  Anything strange there?
Another question that may seem silly--since we have a disease of the autoimmune
system, do our antibodies and things even do the baby that much good?
Thanks in advance to any experienced Mommies (or daddies?)  who want to take up
this issue. My own mother was a smoker and did not breastfeed so she is not able to
help with my questions at all.
Oh, and an update--Babyzilla is doing fine.  I'm having non-stress tests done twice
a week and he is an excellent test taker.  Everytime I go, he will not move when
the nurse is in the room.  She will say, "Honey, this test could take a while if he
isn't active.  Should you eat a snack or something to get him going?"
But the second she leaves the room, he will do a little dance every time.  I swear
he is already an obstinate child. He also refuses to move if anyone has a hand on
my belly trying to feel him.  The second they take their hand away, he will move.
His newest trick this week is to lean/extend his legs or something and really press
on a nerve in my side.  I can almost hear him chuckle when he does it.
So I'm going to be 34 weeks on Tuesday and I'm about ready to schedule that
c-section when ever they say.  About two weeks ago he was already over 5 pounds by
their calculations so I'm sure he almost full sized by now.   I'm thinking May 5-9
sounds like a good time period.  haha This child is getting toooo heavy to lug

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Ow, Babyzilla, Ow... stop pressing on my nerve!
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