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[IP] Re: JDRF Washington Advocates Report


>> What about umbilical cord blood, which is
routinely discarded in mass
quantities across our country every day? Why are we
not heading up an effort
to collect those stem cells instead of looking to
sources that are morally
and/or ethically unacceptable to some people? <<

I am absolutely against any restrictions on research
of any kind.  Stem cell research does not make a
black market for aborted fetuses.  The NIH has tried
to make it absolutely clear that stem cell research
will have not any effect on abortions.

* This is from the NIH guidelines for stem cell
'Respondents were concerned that hPSC research would
encourage abortion. The law
and the Guidelines guard against encouraging
abortion by requiring that the decision
to have an abortion be made apart from and prior to
the decision to donate tissue.'

Most of the stem cells are derived from fertility
doctors trying to
produce children.  The ones that are not used for
fertility would be flushed. Is the
point that the sewer system is a better place for
these than the research that
may save lives.  If it's 'morally and/or ethically
unacceptable to some people?' to use a research area
that does not encourage abortion or to use stem
cells that would be destroyed, they should not avail
themselves of any breakthroughs that may be

The guidelines are here;

The anti stem cell research protesters should really
look up the things they are fighting.
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